Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 5 - Hollywood Studios

The kids were at the park for opening, but Rod and I were a little slow to get started.  We arrived about a half hour later and began our day by having our picture taken in front of the Hollywood Studios Christmas tree.  We proceeded to move further into the park and had another picture taken in front of the huge sorceror's hat.  Rod was to meet the kids at Rock n Roller Coaster to use a fast pass.  Since I don't ride coasters, I made my way into the gift shop.  Nearly every ride and attraction at Disney exits into a gift shop, which stocks items pertinent to that ride or attraction.  I had never been inside the one at Rock n Roller coaster.  It had an array of items themed toward Aerosmith and rock music.  I bought a hoodie for George here.  Once I was back outside, I purchased a set of beads for Kristin (in blue) and one for Mary (in pink).
The beads are so unique.  They are made from recycled Disney park maps.  The maps are shipped to Uganda where they are rolled into beads and treated to make them water resistant.  They are then shipped back to Disney where they are sold.  I had bought a set last year for my mom, and the girls loved them.    You can see from the photo how beautiful and colorful they are.  Rod and the kids rode some other rides, and we saw the Beauty and the Beast show.  We had reservations for Mama Melrose's at 2:45 as part of the Fantasmic Dining package.  We were late, and had quite a wait to be seated.  I decided to be brave and try calamari for the first time ever.  It was OK, but nothing for me to crow about. Jimmy and Bubby love it, so I passed my plate to them.  Our server was less than friendly, but we learned by observing her in action that the servers were very overworked.  Toward the end of our meal, she warmed up.  I had decided to have a steak, which was served with five cheese baked macaroni and cheese.  It was really good, but I don't think I'd ever been served a steak with no steak knife until then.

After dinner, we did a little more shopping and then got in line for Fantasmic.  It is the story of Mickey battling evil, and of course Mickey wins.  There are images projected onto water, and fireworks.  It wasn't as good as I remembered.  We then proceeded to the Streets of America to see the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights.  It was Incredible!!  This is just one of the pictures Rod took.  There is Christmas music playing and the lights dance in time to the music.

By the time we finished enjoying it was getting really cold, so Rod and I left the park to go back to the room. But first we had to stop and have another photo taken.

Notes on today:  It was really a great day.  The weather was wonderful, and quite frankly being a little chilly while enjoying the lights put me so into the Christmas spirit.  

Next:  Animal Kingdom and the Illuminations Cruise.

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