Rod's Model Railroad Layout

Farm Houses with Carnival in the Background

Barn with Animals
Keep in mind that Rod's layout is a work in progress.  Here in the background you can see the carnival.  He has a swing ride, a ferris wheel, a merry-go-round, a roller coaster, and many food stands and game areas.   
Roadside Farmer's Market

Local Cemetery

Checking out the Garden

Lumber Camp near the Sawmill.  Note the Deer

The Carnival Has Come to Town

Train Station in the Foreground, Town in the Back 
Oil Derrick and Storage Tank

This Area Represents our Camp, Bait Shop, Trailers and Tent

Again, this area is in progress.  He has a great barn,  and animals that are fenced in with a stone fence.

And this is the roadside Farmer's Market that is operated and supplied by the families of the farm located nearby.

The town where we grew up has a cemetery on one side of the main street.  We had to include a cemetery complete with a mausoleum.  Off to the left, you can see the boat ride that is part of the carnival.

Here the family members are working in the garden.    The have planted corn, pumpkins, tomatoes, cabbage and also have some apple trees.

This is the town.  The train station is in the foreground with the town in the rear.  Rest assured that the school is no longer on top of the town buildings.  The little housing development way in the back reminds us of  a development near our home town.