Thursday, September 18, 2014

Doing The Happy Dance

Today, I am doing the Happy Dance. There are several reasons why I dance today.  First, my hubby, the love of my life, my partner for nearly 40 years, has been 18 days with No Cigarettes!!! And that's amazing, unbelievable, courageous, and the best gift I've ever received.  And I love him for it!

I'm also dancing because we have 60 days until our trip to Disney, and last night (or early this morning) daughter Pam got online to get our Fast Passes for our trip, and was able to get a Fast Pass for a meet-and-greet with Anna and Elsa.  This is Jake and Izzy's first trip ever to Disney, and when you ask Izzy who she most wants to meet on this trip, she replies Anna and Elsa.  Jake wants to meet Darth Vader, and we're going to try to sign him up for the Jedi Training Academy.  I'm so excited for this trip.

And last, I'm dancing because I have been so busy sewing and filling orders for my two Etsy sites, Linda B's Crafts and The Frozen Mouse, that I've decided that I need a day for me.  So, today is officially Linda's Day - a day for me to do whatever I want, whenever I want.  So far, I've had a nap, and worked on my blogs, and who knows what might happen later today.  I may read for a while since I haven't done much reading lately.  I think that having a Linda Day on a day when I Happy Dance is a very good idea.

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