Friday, December 6, 2013

A Great Time for a Vacation!

Wow, have you seen the 10 day weather forecast for my area?  Rain, sleet, and significant snow accumulation, with frigid temperatures.  We leave for our Disney vacation in less than a week, and it's supposed to be in the 70's while we are there.  So, we will leave Pittsburgh in 12 degree weather, and arrive in Orlando where it should be balmy and warm.  What a great time for a vacation!!

My Etsy shop will be closed during that time, but will reopen on the 19th for shipping on the 20th.  Any order shipped by the 22nd should arrive in time for Christmas.  If you need some last minute gifts or stocking stuffers, click on the Etsy button and it will take you directly to my site.

See you after vacation.

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Nani said...

As I've been watching the weather in our area, and east where we'll be traveling to visit family very soon. I've been sending prayers that the weather cooperates with no frozen roads for us and no delays when you leave, Linda! I have a friend in Florida that's had the air conditioning on because it's been in the 80s! I totally envy your vacation destination!