Monday, December 2, 2013

December, Already?

Can you believe that November is gone, and December is here?  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Hope yours was safe and happy.  For dinner we had all the usual items: turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans with bacon, baked corn casserole, applesauce, and a relish tray.  Pam decided to try a pumpkin cheesecake pie recipe that she had seen online, and it was delicious.  Saturday was a great day - just Rod and I, and we spend the entire day watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family.  After eating turkey all day Friday, we were a little "turkey'd out", and Rod decided he was cooking dinner Saturday.  He had bought two T-Bone steaks on Saturday morning, and grilled them with baked potatoes.  We heated up the corn casserole that was left, and dinner was complete.  Sunday morning, I slept in and when I finally got up, Rod had put away all the Thanksgiving decorations.  We decided that we would use the last of the dark meat from the turkey to make "caps".

Rod's mom grew up in a coal mining town with people of all ethnicities, and many of the foods Rod grew up eating were from his mom's childhood.  Cappelletti are one of those foods.  They are little pillows of dough similar to ravioli.  The dough is a basic noodle dough of flour, eggs, and water.  The filling is ground cooked turkey, Parmesan cheese, eggs, garlic, and a little oil.  The dough is rolled out into a thin layer and cut into squares.  We like little squares to make little, bite sized caps.  You place some filling into the center of the dough square, fold it into a triangle shape and seal it well.  Then you bring the two side corners to the back and seal them to form a "little hat", which is what cappelletti means.  We like them in chicken broth, but you can also put them into a marinara sauce.  This is a food that we just keep warm in the slow cooker and eat all day.

After the caps were made, we set up the platform for the tree, and Rod got the tree out of the attic.  The tree is up, but not decorated.  He then went outside to put up the Christmas lights. When he came back in, we adjourned to the living room where we again watched ABC Family.  They had started their Countdown to Christmas, and we watched some of our favorite movies.  It was a wonderful weekend, but unfortunately this is Monday and Rod had to return to work.

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