Monday, February 3, 2014

New Ideas

I have been looking for some new ideas for items to make for the Etsy Store.  I found these braided fabric bracelets that I thought looked really cool.  I  decided to begin with an inspirational theme and ordered some charms - ribbons of hope, hearts, crosses, and angels.
The tutorial I found showed the folded fabric as being unfinished, which left frayed edges.  When I was teaching ceramics (bet you didn't know that I'm a certified ceramic teacher), I couldn't stress to my students enough that all edges needed to be finished.  And I guess that it still holds for me today, since I didn't like the frayed edge look.
So, I started finishing the strips of fabric like I was making shoelaces.  And I think they look crisper and more finished.    Now, I have ordered Ichthus fish and clouds with rainbows that should arrive tomorrow.  I was a Rainbow girl when I was younger, and Genesis 9:13 still is one of my favorite Bible verses.

Now I have had requests for dogs, cats and horses.  So they are also on order.  I believe that these bracelets could be an inspiration for anyone facing a terminal illness, a recent death in the family or a crisis that needs to be resolved.  When you have a chance, please stop by the store and give me your opinions on the bracelets.

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Pat said...

I was also a Rainbow girl many years ago AND I took ceramics' classes for quite awhile (also many years ago). Small world! (My biggest stumbling block in ceramics' classes was that I could not do eyes on faces of anything I made...always needed the teacher to do it for me. LOL I am betting you had students like that, too.)