Thursday, March 27, 2014

Looking Back. . . and Ahead

Do you blog?  If you do, do you ever go back and read some of your old posts?  That's what I did today.  It's funny how time repeats itself.  Right now I'm putting off contemplating how to clean and reorganize my sewing room.  As I looked back through my old posts, I found one from August of 2011 where I was doing exactly the same thing. I did clean it once, and now it needs done again.  I contacted my local Good Will and they will gladly accept any quilting magazines or fabrics that I want to donate.  That was good to know.

I found the posts that I made when my Mom passed away.  I reread them and it made me miss her all the more.

Today I'm doing some much neglected paperwork.  I hate paperwork, but at times it needs to be done.

This weekend I need to finish those baby quilts that I started what seems like ages ago.  A few weeks ago one of Mary's friends got a big surprise when she discovered that she was pregnant.  She is thrilled, and since she has two boys, we're hoping for a girl.  So, one of the quilts will be put aside for her.

I'm so looking forward to the warmer temperatures that are being predicted.  The pond is still frozen over. Since we've not had such a cold winter since the pond was built, I'm concerned about my fish.  I looked at the seed catalogs last week, and placed our seed order over the weekend.  We have decided to try sprouting our own plants this year.  We haven't done that since the girls were little, but there were some new items that I wanted to try, like a lemon cucumber (it's shaped and colored like a cucumber and is said to have a milder cucumber flavor).  We are going to try pole beans this year, and a quick growing bush lima bean.

Hope you have a great weekend.

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