Friday, April 4, 2014

So Bummed!

After a few days of beautiful, sunny, warm weather, we have been pushed back into gloomy, rainy days.  The view outside my window resembles this photo.  And now they say we might see a few snowflakes tomorrow morning.  What's up with this!!  I realize that "April Showers bring Mayflowers", but I don't recall anything about April Snow!  Ok, I'm done whining.

The weather isn't the only thing that has me bummed this morning.  I've been working on some baby quilts for what seems like forever.  Last week I put the tops together for the farm quilt, the Noah's Ark quilt, and the Bumblebear Quilt.  It all went very smoothly.  This week, I started to put the Sock Monkey quilt together, and only had 8 blocks when I should have had 9.  I was so certain that I had done 9, so I started looking.  I looked in the living room where I sew - no block.  Then I bravely entered the sewing room (right now it's still Enter at Your Own Risk), but there was no block where the others had been.  So now, before I can finish the quilt, I have to make another block.  I don't want to have to switch the machine that's in the living room now, so tomorrow morning I plan on cleaning up the sewing room enough to get into the embroidery machine and start the needed block.  Who knows, I may even work on the mess while the machine sews.  This missing block has me so bummed, that I don't want to work on anything right now.

Somehow I hurt my back the other day, and it hurts to walk or stand.  I really believe that back pain is the worst.  I don't have Jake this morning, so I think I will read the three magazines that I got this week.  Have a great weekend!

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Pat said...

Hope your back has recovered...and also hope that, maybe, you found the missing sock monkey block. (You know those monkeys...they are always playing tricks on people!!)