Monday, April 21, 2014

A Great Weekend

We had an extra long weekend beginning with Thursday.  Rod woke up Thursday morning and had to pry his eyes open.  He's been battling a cold virus, but the eyes were something new.  He wasn't seeing clearly, and so I called and got him in to see the doctor.  Turns out he had pink eye.  The doc called in two prescriptions for him - one for an eye drop, and one for an inhaler.  The two prescriptions cost us $70.00.  But today, the eyes are much better.

Friday was a holiday for him, and we spent it with the two youngest grandkids.  We dyed our Easter eggs, and spent time on the deck.  We got fish from our favorite fish place for dinner, and later that evening Pam and Pat came down to beg for one of Pappy's milkshakes.  While Rod was making the shakes, they began to pick up toys and before they left, the house was ready for the sweeper.  They cleaned and wiped off the bars and scrubbed the kitchen floor.  We are so blessed to have the daughters that we have.

We had our Easter dinner on Saturday night.  Rod and I put the ham and turkey breast in the smoker.  The cheesy hash brown potatoes and the copy cat Cracker Barrel beans were put into the slow cookers.  Pam and Pat came down and made the crust and the filling for the cream puff dessert, and then stuffed green pepper slices with their homemade cheese spread.  Mary brought a 7-layer salad and bacon-brown sugar green beans.  Kristin brought deviled eggs (she makes the best).
She added a little color for Easter.  She and George also brought a couple bottles of Moscato wine, and we really enjoyed it.  After dinner, we moved into the living room to watch the Pens hockey game, and switched between it and the Pirates game.  Both teams lost, but we had a great evening.

Sunday, Mary's family and the twins went to the Pirate game.  Again they lost, but they had fun and got some sun.  After the game, everyone (Kris's family too) came here for the dessert that Mary had made.  The evening ended with all of us watching Tangled.  It was truly a great weekend.  I was sad to see Rod go back to work today, but it's a short week since we will be going to the Train Show on Friday.

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Nani said...

It sounds like a great weekend! Your Easter dinner sounds yummy and those eggs are great! I love the colored whites!