Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Starting Something New

It's always so much fun to start a new project.  I've been wanting to start this project since before Christmas, but the holidays interfered.  Then I had orders coming in and had to finish them.  But Monday I was finally able to get it started and it made me happy.

 It has been a frustrating experience to be sure.  It's a sort of kit for kids, and I wanted to use some of the licensed fabrics that I've accumulated.  And I wanted to incorporate embroidery designs for the cover.  I've done more internet surfing than ever before and have found most of the designs I was looking for.  But some of them show up on the computer and not on the zip drive.  Some of them have stated that were for a 4x4 hoop, but when I load them into the embroidery machine, it tells me that the design "exceeds the embroidery area".  Most of the people from whom I purchased have been patient, and so helpful.  They have either sent me the size I needed, or refunded my purchase price.  One has yet to be resolved.

So this week I've been working with the embroidery machine.  I figure I'll stitch our 20 or so covers, and then this weekend I can get started on the kits.  I'll post photos once they're finished.

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