Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Take a Look at This!

Today Bubby came here to stay since he wasn't going back to school until tomorrow.  And this afternoon Izzy showed up with a bag of hull-less popcorn.  These two love popcorn. But to quote Izzy's daddy, "she's a messy little thing".  And it's so true, spills and messes just seem to follow Izzy everywhere she goes.  So you can understand how the bag of popcorn ended up all over my living room floor.  And as soon as I got the camera out of the case, Izzy said "Cheese"  And cheese it was!! All over that little face.

Bubby apologized for the mess, and immediately began to clean it up.  Izzy had her own idea of how to pick up the popcorn.  Can you see here stuffing it into her mouth?  Bubby very patiently picked up the popcorn piece by piece and put it back into the bag.

Can you see where the popcorn that Izzy picked up went? This is our little chipmunk with the cheesey bits all over her face.  But they were happy to be together again.  These are the kind of days I will always remember.


Pat said...

SO cute...both of them!

Nancy said...

HA HA HA so funny of Izzy to stuff her face....