Friday, September 4, 2009

The Attack Of The Giant Pumpkin Vine. . .

No, it's not the latest science fiction movie, it's what's happening in our garden. This is one of the vines which starts at the fence. I've pointed out one of the pumpkins. It's one of 17 that we have, and that was out of one package of seeds.

Here's another vine climbing over the fence.  There's a pumpkin here too.

And it continues past the angel statue, past the little girl with the basket of apples, and . . .

over toward the deck.  Rod says we should be able to pick some of the pumpkins from the deck.  And the vines continue to grow.  Some of the vines  grew out of the boxes going the other way, and the pumpkins are in the boxes, on the grass, and even one is in the corner of two boxes.   I think there's a total of 4 hanging from the vines as they come over the fence.  I'm hoping that we can can some pumpkin.  Pumpkin pies from the pumpkins we grew in our garden will surely be a welcome treat at Thanksgiving.

Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend.  We're going to our camp for just the day on Saturday, and hopefully I'll get some sewing done during the rest of the weekend,  

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