Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to Rod

Today is my hubby's birthday, and I wanted to wish him a very happy one.

I'm feeling better about the Disney trip.  DD Mary has been checking into traveling with my ECV, and feels it will be a piece of cake.  I've just decided that if a ride looks too difficult for me, I will sit it out.  It's just that simple.  I'm not supposed to be stressing on my vacation.  Rod is making a wooden box to fit inside the back basket of the cart, and it will be there to help me get into the bed, should it be too high for my little short legs.

My sugar has been up and down in the last few weeks, but I finally have it under control again.  I will really have to watch closely while at Disney -- it will be so easy to over-cheat and send it out of control again.  I'm really excited about the restaurants we have chosen.  We're doing a special dinner before the Candlelight Processional, and that will guarantee us seats for that show.  We are staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and that is a dream come true for me.

 Mary is making shirts for everyone to wear.  This is the design that Rod and I have chosen for the first day of our trip.  We are hoping that we might be given a room upgrade at check-in if they see that we are celebrating our anniversary.  I'm so looking forward to staying so close to the animals on the property and hope to be able to do some serious animal watching at the hotel.

We have chosen some other really cool designs for shirts, too.  Rod and I have chosen a Steeler design of Goofy dressed in a Steeler uniform, and the shirt proclaims "I'm Goofy for the Steelers". Perfect for us, huh?

Today I'm hoping to get some serious sewing done.  Have a good day.


JustCindy said...

Happy birthday, Rod! What a great design for the shirts. I hope you share the actual shirts with us. I'm so glad you are feeling better about the vacation, I was worried about you. I also expect lots and lots of vacation pics. It has been over XX yrs since I was there. lol Didn't want to tell of on my age.

Pat said...

I'm so glad you are feeling more relaxed about the trip. It will all go VERY well, I'm sure. What great shirt designs and I hope we get to see the shirts, too. Happy Birthday to Rod!!!

Kelly said...

When you get to each park, each day, you go to the guest relations just inside the entrance and you get buttons for your anniversary. They are free and will put your names on them. Same with birthdays. You will be surprised with how many well wishes you will get!! BTW, Love the first day t-shirt design, very sweet.