Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm Baaaack

Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since I posted here.  Life has been so hectic, and I have to admit, I've become addicted to Facebook.  I've been playing games (something I never thought I enjoyed).  I don't want to sew, I have done little housework; but I have been cooking and still watching the Izzyboo.  But I have decided that my second childhood must come to an end, and I have to grow up and start doing adult things again.

I did work on a wall hanging for halloween.  I did a small one, which I posted a photo of in my last post.  I gave it to my Mom to hang on her door, and she was thrilled that I thought of her.  I do so love the feeling I get when I give someone something they really like.  So then I started a bigger one.  It was in a magazine, and I did make some changes since I didn't like some of the blocks.  I substituted the owl, (which is adapted from a pattern by Pat Sloan) for a witch's shoe.  I made three candy corns, and put them in a block which was supposed to be a spider (didn't like the way it looked), and I made two pieces of candy instead of one and a candy corn.  And I like how it looks.  That's the fun thing about quilting -- you can take a pattern and change it to make it your own  (for personal use only and not for sale).  I did add a dark purple border and it's ready to sandwich and quilt.  But I just can't seem to get into finishing it.  Why, I don't know.  If you can tell me why my sewing has taken a back seat lately, please do.  It's really buggin' me.

Last week, Rod and I thought that the little Izzy-fingers had turned down the temp on the water bed heater.  The bed was cold, and not pleasant to sleep on.  We turned it back up, but alas, the bed was still really cold.  So on Sunday we decided the the heater had just gotten to old to perform it's required duties and needed to be replaced.  I ordered a new one, and it's scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.  So, this weekend will be spent draining the bed, installing the new heater, and refilling the bed.  And hopefully by Sunday evening the bed will feel like the warm, inviting, comfortable bed we've loved for so long.  And to make the job less unpleasant, I'm planning to make a sausage lentil soup and homemade bread for dinner on Saturday, and stuffed cabbage and homemade bread for dinner on Sunday.  Mmmm, just the thought of it on a weekend that's supposed to be chilly and damp makes me warmer.

Hope your weekend if filled with wonderful things that you love.

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