Tuesday, November 24, 2009

8 days to go

Oh yeah, only eight more days.  Since Disney would consider me "Pooh Shaped", I decided to show you my blocks for Tigger and Pooh.

Today I want to finish zigzag stitching the final 5 blocks, and get them ready to pack.  Also I need to start making my list of when to do what for Thanksgiving.  Rod works on Friday, so there won't be any Black Friday shopping for me.  Most of my shopping is done, just a few small items to pick up.  Have a great day.


Kelly said...

Linda, your blocks are great and what a wonderful idea!! We have been to WDW a number of times and there is nothing like going someplace where everyone is a kid!! On your blocks, are you ironing freezer paper to the back so they will be easier to sign? The characters aren't able to see very well in their costumes, to if they are stabalized with freezer paper it will help a lot. Just an FYI. And you are going at a most wonderful time of the year!! Christmas at Disney World is like no place else! What night are you going to the candlelight processional? Who are you seeing narrate? I'm so excited for you since this is your first visit!! How many days will you be there? I won't tell you to have a wonderful time, because I know you will!!!!!!

Pat said...

I'm getting excited and I'm not even going!!!