Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day

and a special thank you to all the military personnel, both past and present, who have so bravely fought to defend our country and protect our freedoms.

As a kid, Veteran's Day held a different meaning for me.  My dad was a postal worker, and in those days, he worked very long hours and on weekends during the Christmas rush.  Veteran's Day was my dad's last holiday before the rush, and so our family did their Christmas shopping on that day.  Some years we took the two widows who lived across the street from us.  These ladies were the greatest.  They were sisters-in-law, and lived  with their two cocker spaniels.  They were fairly wealthy, and had lots of collectibles in their home - Fenton Glass, Royal Doulton character mugs, dogs, and figurines. And also beautiful Hummel figurines.  Although their house had a very funny odor from the dogs, I used to love to go there.  Their Christmas trees were unlike any I had any seen.  They had beautiful glass figurine ornaments imported from Germany, the arms and legs moved and they were so shiny.  Anne's husband had been a Navy diver, and there had been a book written about him.  About once a month, when Catherine had to work late, Anne would invite me for dinner and we would use fancy china and crystal and eat lamb chops with mint jelly.  I loved those evenings.  She made me feel so special.  Anne was an excellent knitter, and each year for Christmas she would give me a baby doll for which she had crocheted clothes.  And one year, I got a set of twins.  Betty and Bobby had the most amazing knitted pants, hats and coats with beautiful pearl buttons.  My sister and I never had to wonder where our winter hats and mittens were coming from-- we knew that Anne would see that we had whatever we needed.  How I wish now that I had asked her to teach me to knit.  These two ladies sponsored me for the Rainbow Girls and had my gown special made for me by a friend of theirs.  And yes, they did still have the plastic on their furniture.  And the most amazing flower garden was just outside the back door.  I haven't thought about these two special ladies for years, but today they are on my mind, and in my heart.

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Pat said...

What great memories you shared today. Thanks......I was touched by your story!