Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bubbs and Kisses

Today I'm just chillin' and watching the Steelers. Go Ben!!  I've been looking through the photos on our Photopass CD and deciding how best to showcase them.  Today's post is called "Bubbs and Kisses". Boy, that grandson of mine loves getting hugs and kisses from all the characters in Disney.  One of the first kisses he got was from Mulan. And she left a lipstick mark on his cheek.  He was so thrilled, and when Jimmy tried to wipe it off, he refused saying that princess kisses weren't supposed to wipe off.

Next came a kiss from Snow White.  Since Mulan's kiss was still on his left cheek, Snow White used the right one.  He's such a charmer, and no one can resist those big brown eyes.  He was so proud of himself because this year he used his walker to walk up to all the characters.  Last year he was in the stroller most of the time.  Watching him interact with all the characters was a joy.

Here he's kissing Minnie.  Since she couldn't leave any lipstick marks, he kissed her.  He also kissed Goofy, Pluto, Chip, Dale and of course Donald and Daisy Duck.  That boy just loves kisses.

Here, he's kissing Russell, the scout from the movie UP.  When we met the UP characters, he got a hug from Mr. Frederickson and Dug, the dog, got down on the floor to play with the tennis balls on his walker.

But he loves hugs too, as you can see from these pictures of him with Fairies Fawn and Tinkerbelle.  And that's our Bubby, hugs and kisses.

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JustCindy said...

All those kisses! You tell Bubby I'm jealous that he got to meet the characters from UP, that movie is too cute.