Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm home

Yes, I'm home -- with mixed emotions.  I'm glad to be home, but I loved Disney.  Mary asked me yesterday what was my favorite part, and I couldn't really pick just one part.  I don't have the pictures yet, Mary took most of the photos.

And I'm still so excited that I could go on for hours.  But I'll try to organize my thoughts and tell you a little bit each day.  Today I guess I'll discuss what was my biggest worry - how I would get around my disability.  I just can't walk very far, and standing for long periods of time is almost impossible. You guys were all right. Disney makes nearly everything easy for those with disabilities.  In fact, you are practically treated like royalty.
Those using scooters or wheelchairs are loaded onto the shuttle buses first, and their families go with them.  Then the other passengers are let onto the buses.  I only had one person who voiced their dislike of this procedure, and I just figured that some day I may be able to get around better, but he will always be ignorant!  And only one bus driver got nasty, and the cast member handling transportation for our resort overheard it and reported him.  Disrespect and cursing is just not tolerated in the Disney family.

Each show has special seating for those with wheelchairs or scooters, and you are entered in a separate line. (Your family is always admitted with you. They are never chased away to the other line.)  There is special areas for parking in each theater with seats separating each area so that your family sits with you.  There is special viewing areas for handicapped for the parades.  It was just so incredible to me that all these special accommodations are made for the disabled, and I applaud Disney's consideration.  I was so at ease at this amazing park, that we booked another trip for late October.  See you tomorrow.


JustCindy said...

I'm so glad you are home and you had a wonderful time. I can't wait to hear all the details and see the pictures.

Pat said...

Well...we will all resist the temptation to say, "I told you so!!!" hehehehe I'm glad the trip went so well and, like Cindy, I can't wait for the pictures and a lot more details.

Nancy said...

Can't wait to see all the photos...and how many of those blocks did you get signed??

Lindabee said...

I got 43 signed, I think. I have 10 not signed, but I got three on blank blocks because I didn't have blocks for them.