Thursday, December 10, 2009

Disney Characters and the Quilt Blocks

I haven't counted the blocks that I had signed, but I have 9 out of 50 that aren't signed.  However, we had lunch one day with the characters from Playhouse Disney, and I got signatures from JoJo, Goliath, June and Leo. So, I think I have 44 signed blocks since JoJo and Goliath signed on one block.  Not bad, huh?  Hooping the blocks with the spring hoops was a great idea.  The hoop kept the block stretched tight for signatures, and also gave the characters something rigid to hold on to.  It was also quick to remove one block and replace it with another.  I had a total of 6 hoops - three small and three larger.  So I could hoop more than one block at a time.  It worked well since I could hoop all four Pooh characters at once for breakfast at Crystal Palace.  This is a photo of the grandkids with Alice.

The characters were very impressed with my blocks.  They see a lot of autograph books, so the fabric blocks must have been something different for them.  Ariel asked what I was making with the blocks, asked to see some of the others, and even put my name on with her signature.  Goofy, who is one of my fav Disney characters,  just kept kissing me and showed his approval of his block.  I got Woody's signature at one point with Jessie.  When I met him later with Buzz Lightyear, he indicated that he remembered signing his block.  It was so much fun getting the signatures, and the characters were so much fun.  This is a photo of the grandkids with Snow White.  Krissy has on a replica of Belle's peasant dress that Jimmy's Aunt Karen made.

But I think that the best thing about meeting the characters was watching them interact with Bubs and Krissy.  Bubby gets so excited when the characters approach him, and wants to kiss everybody.  Pluto even managed to give him a kiss with his fake tongue.  The Mad Hatter was certainly the most fun -- he just kept going around the restaurant yelling "Mary Poppins".  And everytime he shouted, so did Bubby.  He came to the table and was just the silliest I had ever seen.  This photo is Mary and the twins with the grandkids and Chip and Dale.  Pam is on the far right, Pat is kneeling in front of Krissy.  Mary is the one standing.

Jimmy's aunt made the Mary Poppins outfit for Krissy.  Mary Poppins was so impressed that she took Krissy by the hand and took her to some of the tables at 1900 Park Fare to show that today her twin was there.  Krissy was so proud.  So often she is overlooked because Bubby is so cute and uses the walker.  But at Disney she gets as much attention as Bubby.  Doesn't she look so cute with Mary Poppins in her matching outfit?


JustCindy said...

First let me say what wonderful smiles on your family's faces. I just love it!!!! You did great with the signatures. Krissy's outfits are just adorable. I think I liked her best as Mary Poppins.

Pat said...

Those outfits Krissy got to wear just blew me away. How WONDERFUL for her to have the characters see her dressed up in them! I am loving your trip...and I wasn't even on it!!! LOL