Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I'm still cleaning in the sewing room.  I am making progress - I can see the top of the sewing cabinet, all the fabric that was thrown there is in a nice, neatly folded pile and ready to put on the shelves.  I can almost see the top of the sideboard -- most of the fabric scraps that were there have been put into a basket to await the time when I will take time to cut them into scraps for my July class.  But the sewing table -- still stacked a foot high!  and the windowsill--still stacked a foot high.  My AccuQuilt GO dies have found a suitable and neatly organized home.  Where are the quilt police when you need them?  I can concentrate on making sure that my points are crisp, but putting things away when I'm done with them is another story.  So if you know any quilt police that nag you about keeping your work area clean and tidy, please send them to my house.  And if you ever see me letting the clutter take over the neat, please kick me in the a**.  And now, back to the disaster.

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