Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Friday

Hurray, it's Friday.  And a holiday weekend.  What could be better?  This weekend will be especially great because we have almost no plans made.  Tomorrow at 9:00 AM Bubby has a ball game.  He is on the Rays team again this year in the Miracle League of Southwestern Pennsylvania.  After the game, we plan on going to Joann's to fondle buy some fabric.  I need some vinyl for the neck wallets I'm working on, and some fleece and princess fabric for the Princess Lily quilt.  Might make a stop at McGinnis Sisters, a specialty foods store that I love.  They have really great produce selections, a wonderful seafood shop, butcher shop, cheese shop and bakery.  And the prices are pretty good.  Maybe I can even get Rod to spring for lunch.  My plan is to avoid Costco at all cost --  I spend way too much money there.  And then my plans for the rest of the weekend are to sew, sew and sew.  Rod got the air conditioner put in the sewing room, and I have my TV or my Zune base, and the best part is I'm just a few steps from the potty ( a necessity at my age).

Usually we plan a family BBQ, but this year we've decided to just do our own thing.  And that means three days with my best friend - Rod.  Who knows what we might get into.  Rod wants to re-landscape the front of the house.  He's going to make the flower beds larger which will make the bank easier to cut with the tractor. And I get to decide what I want him to plant.  I have a Japanese Maple at the corner of the deck, but I want some shrubs that will be low maintenance.  Guess I better start think about that.  I hope you all have a great holiday weekend, and get to spend it with someone you love.


Pat said...

Enjoy your weekend! I love that photo of Bubby!!!

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