Sunday, May 2, 2010

SaddleUp Wrap Up

It was a beautiful day - warm and sunny, and we raised over $17,000 for the kids at St. Jude's.  This photo is of our trail ride sponsors, George and Cheryl, with the total board.  They are daughter Kristin's in-laws, but this was a family event before she and Georgie married.  All the Halls are involved in one way or another.  The Youngs (other neighbors) all participate, another neighborhood family, the Hoyles participate, and of course, all the Burtons.  The quilts raised over $500, not bad for 6 quilts.  Some people spend a good bit on raffle tickets, others spend next to nothing.  Rod and I have never taken chances on the quilts.  But, when I was making the red/white/blue quilt, Rod insisted he was going to win it.  And when he took 3 chances ($5 worth) I was really surprised.  After the trail ride was finished and everyone had enjoyed the barbecue provided by Texas Roadhouse, the quilt tickets were drawn.  Quilt #1, the horse quilt, and whose name was called but granddaughter Krissy's.  Yeah!  Quilt #2, the 6 hour quilt I did at the last minute, and name called was Bubby's.  Another Yeah!!  Quilt #3 no one we knew.  And it was time for Quilt #4, the r/w/b Chunky Churn Dash.  Rod Burton, they called.  And he thought they were kidding.  But it was true, and now that beautiful r/w/b quilt lives in my living room and my hubby finally has a quilt made by me. (I know I should be ashamed - never made my honey a quilt).  

This is Pam and Pat starting the ride.  Pat is in the front.  The trail is about 12 miles long, starting and George and Cheryl's.  It continues down our road to a county park, and into the park to a covered bridge.  Rod and Jimmy, step grandson Andrew and Georgie's brother, Ryan work traffic control, stopping traffic at the intersections to keep our riders safe.
Since this was Krissy's first year to ride, she rode only in the park and didn't attempt the road her first time.   She looks pretty happy to be there.  Again, in the concern for safety, George insists that all young, inexperienced riders wear safety helmets.

After the ride is over and people are eating dinner, George always sees that the kids who didn't ride get a chance to be on a horse.  It's always a great photo opportunity. Here's Bubby on a horse for the first time.  Now he says he wants to ride next year.  We'll see!

Izzy loves the horses, and gets on one whenever she gets the chance.  When she's at her Nunny's, they have to keep a close eye on her because she is always trying to get into the back field with the horses.

Step granddaughter Mandy and her fiance, Brian provided entertainment during dinner.  Who knew Mandy could sing? Wow! Can Mandy sing!!! They've been playing and singing in several restaurants in our area lately.

And here I am with my hubby and daughters at the end of the day, and we're all still smiling.  A great day, for sure, but I'm glad it's over for another year.


JustCindy said...

Congratulations on winning the quilts! Your grandones are growing like little weeds. The smiles are sure sign of a great day.

Pat said...

What a happy report about the SaddleUp day!!! Thanks for posting the photos and sharing the day with us. NOW you can work on your new we want to hear all about that, too.