Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Report

Wow, what a nasty weekend I had.  I had planned to finish up the two kid quilts I was working on, but that certainly didn't happen.  For some reason, my legs broke out in the itchiest rash I have ever had.  I have no idea what it was (is) from.  It started Friday at my ankles, and by last night had moved up almost to my "well-never-mind".  I have been taking Benadryl, and using calamine lotion, and the itching has at least become bearable.  So, I still have four dinosaur blocks to piece and the sashing to cut.  I want the quilts done by July 13, and think I should be able to make it since we don't have any special plans for the weekend of the 4th.

You have to see this tutorial.  It's from Missouri Quilt Co. and was posted on Facebook by one of my friends.  It's all about a really simple and quick way to make pinwheels.  Have you ever seen someone do something and then thought, "why didn't I think of that?"  Well, this is one of those things.  When I went to this link, I was pleasantly pleased to see that they had several other tutorials to view.  And, they have a Deal of the Day, which I never seem to remember to check.  But if you're looking for some quick shortcuts, check it out.  I think you'll be pleased.  I figure I can cut the squares with my GO Cutter, and then sew the pinwheels this easy way.  And, if I stack my fabrics right sides together, the squares will be all set to sew.  My friend Cindy has been working on some Grandmother's Garden pieces, and they look so pretty that I feel that I really need to try this.  So, on Friday I ordered the Hexagon die for my GO, and I ordered the papers from Paper Pieces and as soon as they arrive I will have a new hand piecing project to work on.  I'm planning on using my stash of 30 repro fabrics for this classic pattern.  What are you working on?

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Pat said...

Regarding that itching....I know of someone who had a rash that was confusing the heck out of her AND her doctor....finally another doctor knew what it was...scabies....and then the treatment was begun and was successful AND it seems she got it, in all likelihood, from staying in a hotel (a NICE hotel, too). The time period from when you contact it and it shows itself was just right for when she had stayed at that hotel. So if it continues, ask your doctor or pharmacist if they think it's scabies.