Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Add To The List and Cross It Off

I finished a project today.  It wasn't on my list, but I have to add it so that I can cross it off.  A few years ago, while shopping in Miller's Dry Goods and Fabrics in Charm, Ohio,, I found this pattern for a car seat cover.  It's made by Sew Baby, and is called a Peek-a-Boo Car Seat Cover.  It seemed so simple and yet so useful, and I suddenly wished that I had come up with such a great idea.  I don't know of any baby that has ever happily let someone bundle them up in a snow suit.  Izzy absolutely hated it.  So I bought the pattern and what I needed to make them, and made two for Izzy.  One out of pink sock monkey fabric for Kris's car, and one of pink John Deere for the seat for George's truck.  Kris said they were invaluable when she was in a hurry to get Izzy here before work in the morning.  Now, no Grammy worth her salt is going to let her new grandson use a pink car seat cover, so today my project was to make new seat covers for Jake.  I had already purchased the cotton for the top and the fleece for the lining, and (surprisingly enough) knew exactly where the pattern was.

George's dad is a farmer.  He raises horses and has a beautiful John Deere tractor.  So, the boy had to have John Deere.  This is the fabric I had chosen for Jake's quilt borders.  I fell in love with it the first time I saw it.  And so I ordered it.  I love to shop at  They have great prices, free shipping on orders over $35.00 (and who can't put $35 worth of fabric in a cart??), and best of all they are a member of ebates, where I get 4% back on all my purchases from them.  So, for me it's a win/win situation.

This is the fabric I ordered for the cover for the car seat on George's truck.  It's a bandana print (and what farmer doesn't use bandanas??) but if you look closely, you will see that it has the John Deere insignia and little tractors on it.  Cute, yet masculine, and perfect for a man's truck.

And now, both of the covers are done and ready to be used for the new little guy.  Now, I have to run the sweeper in the living room and pay some bills.

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Pat said...

I'd say you had a very productive day!