Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lookey Lookey, What I Got!!!

You all know how I love my crock pots.  I use them whenever I can.  And I have two Fix It and Forget It books, along with other crock pot books.  I read crock pot blogs.  But when Hubby and I were shopping at Costo on Saturday, I was stopped in front of the display of these wonderful pots.  Suddenly he walked up behind me and asked if I didn't think that this was the greatest thing ever.  And immediately, he put one into his buggy.  I was overjoyed -- didn't figure he would ever agree to buying this.  And quite frankly, I think this would put me into the category of "Crock Pot Diva".  Wouldn't you agree?  The crock pots are 3 quart size (just perfect for two people) and are individually controlled.  And now I'm thinking about Thanksgiving. Some of us love stuffing with corn bread, apples, sausage, and raisins.  Others prefer the old fashioned sage stuffing.  And I don't cook my stuffing in the bird.  So, now I can do two kinds of stuffing in my new triple crock pots.  And, there's still room for another item.  Maybe mashed potatoes to stay warm.  Oh, the possibilities are endless.  Can you see the sparkle in my eyes???

And now I'm considering a new, or revised blog that will feature quilts and crock pot recipes.  If you're in favor, say aye!

On the quilt side of things, I'm putting the three kid quilt tops that are done onto fleece and getting them ready for quilting. I want to piece the backing for my mom's quilt this week, and then next weekend, Hubby said he will help me put it onto my Flynn Quilting frame.  I've had it for some time, and never used it, but now's the time.  And I'm jumping in with both feet.  So wish me luck.


Pat said...

Oh, that triple crockpot!!! Good luck with your Flynn frame. I'm sure you will do a nice job quilting on it.

KimT said...

oh my, i really wanted this. IT was in the JC PEnny paper but not in the store when I showed up on Black Friday! I might have to take myself to costco to see if they have it!