Saturday, November 13, 2010

Taps for my Iron

Well, this morning we are playing taps for my iron.  My beautiful, beloved, purple iron has bit the dust.  It has been declared legally dead by the chief serviceman in our home.  And who was the murderer, you ask.  A stink bug.  Here to the left is his "most wanted" poster.  For weeks now,  in our area we have been under attack by these nasty looking and smelling stink bugs.  They are everywhere.  Rod has a jar filled with water and Dawn dishwashing liquid that he uses to imprison all captured invaders.  And usually when he's on bug patrol, Izzy is by his side pointing out all who try to avoid the jar.  This little "bugger" evidently tried to outsmart the Rod/Izzy army by seeking refuge in the inner workings of my iron, and it burned out the heating element.  The only positive spin that I can put on this is that "Stinky" also bit the dust.  So I guess you could say it was a murder/suicide. There will be no service.

Now that it has been said and done, I'm off to Joann Fabric to get a new iron and several other things.  Bye for now.

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