Monday, April 25, 2011

Another Holiday Come and Gone

Easter came and went.  We had our Easter Dinner on Saturday, it just gets too hard to work around all the parents, and in-laws.  My mom came out, and she is looking great.  She loved the quilt, and can't wait to get back to her assisted living house to put it on her bed.  I need to do the binding first.  I also made her a pillowcase to match the quilt.

Sunday, all the kids ended up here at the same time anyway.  We had lots of leftovers from Saturday, so everyone ate again, and still there are some leftovers.  Saturday we were all to full to eat dessert, so on Sunday evening when they all were here, we had our strawberry shortcake.  The berries were so sweet and juicy since they had macerated overnight.

After everyone left last night, it was a game of hide and seek.  I have three binkies for Jake, but couldn't find a single one.  I swear they just get up when no one is looking and walk out the back door.  Rod pulled out all the furniture in the living room, and no binkies.  But then there was a mess on the floor.  So at 10:30 pm, he pulled out the sweeper to clean up the mess.  He did manage to find one binky down inside the love seat -- my furniture eats things, like pens, crayons, blocks, and oh yes, binkies.  So at least I have one for today.  Mary calls me the "binky nazi".  Don't even try to take my binkies!

Then the game of hide and seek continued this morning.  A couple of weeks ago, we moved all my clothes around in an attempt to better organize where things were.  Big Mistake!!!  Today the high is supposed to be 78, and I needed shorts.  So, I started by opening one drawer, where are my shorts. . . peek.  Not there.  Then I open another drawer, where's the shorts go. . .  peek.  Not there.  But I never give up and finally I found my shorts.

Remember the song, "I wish it would rain"?  Well, here in Pennsylvania, we wish it wouldn't rain.  We've had rain nearly every day for the last month.  We're thinking about building a really big boat - just saying.

But, at least the day has to get better.  Have a good day.


Kristin Marie said...

I wish I could have come and spent some time with you guys on Saturday, but I was stuck working. :( Glad you had a good holiday though! And I got Jake a pack of binkies for Easter, so you may be able to hit my parents up for one, haha.

Pat said...

I think sometimes it's very pressured on the holiday itself and it's very wise to have the family gathering on a different day. I had to put shorts on today, too. I keep one pair of shorts and a sleeveless top within reach year-round.......learned to do that the hard way after sweating through several surprise hot days over the years when the shorts were still in hiding!!!