Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's a Fix-it Day

I've been working on applique embroidery for tee shirts for the kids.  I did a red onsie for Jake with a pirate puppy -- it's crooked, and that has to stay that way.  Rod says his belly is crooked, so no one will notice.  Then I did a blue tee shirt for Bubby with a skull wearing a pirate bandana.  One section of the bone pulled loose from the satin stitching so now I have to figure out how to fix it.  Some people have suggested using Fray Check, and pinning the section down until the Fray Check dries.  Guess I'll give that a shot.  Then I did a red tee shirt for Krissy with a heart shaped peace sign.  Again, some of the fabric pulled loose from the satin stitching.  I'm gonna try the Fray Check think on this one also.  But now the biggest boo-boo. I did a pink tee shirt for Izzy Boo with a cute little lady frog.  And the frog looks great.  But about the frog there were supposed to be three hearts that were just embroidered, and not appliqued.  When the machine moved to here, the tee shirt fabric puckered, and now there's a couple of holes.  I'm gonna see how many heart shaped buttons I have and hopefully cover   correct the mistakes with them.

To try to avoid these problems in the future, I'm gonna try using heat-n-bond on my applique fabric.  One person said she does this and that she can use her mini-iron to iron it down before doing the satin stitching.  And she doesn't have to unhoop the shirt.  I'll let you know how it goes.


JustCindy said...

I wish all my designs ended up straight but some times it happens that they are crooked. I figure the kids are not going to be still long enough for anyone to know they are crooked. As for the holes, I have had to throw the shirts away because of holes.

Nancy said...

not sure about the fray dries kind of hard and stiff and might not be the best for the babies... Maybe you could put in on your regular machine and sew around the part that is loose?