Tuesday, July 19, 2011

That's a Relief. . . Now Let's Get Busy

I have just been looking at menus until my eyes are crossed.  We always make advance meal reservations for our Disney trips, and the planning was nearly at an end.  But we had made a dinner reservation for Crystal Palace for our last day -- our last Disney meal.  And the more I looked at the menu, the less enchanted I became.  Mary and Jimmy have eaten there, and were not that impressed with it.  I had made the reservation there because Pam and Pat are big Pooh fans, and the Pooh characters appear at Crystal Palace.  I knew I wanted a sit-down meal, no buffet for my "last meal".  I wanted something somewhat quiet and relaxing - no running for a bus like the last day of our last trip.  This morning, I decided, I had to make a final decision.  So I narrowed it down to four possibilities.  One, had no decent meals that Bubs and Krissy would enjoy.  Cross that one off.  Another was pretty far from Magic Kingdom.  Cross off that one - no running, remember.  Which left two.  Mmmm, one was on the Monorail route.  We have a winner!!!  One of my favorite things to do at Disney is to ride the monorail.  I pull my scooter onto the car.  The doors close, and suddenly I'm feeling like Scotty is beaming me up in a Star Trek episode.  It's flying fast, and when it stops, I pull my scooter out on the other side.  No back-ups for me!!!  Let me clarify, the only accidents I have ever had in a car was when going in reverse.  So, for me, forward is always better.  And now, our dining plan is complete.

Kona has steak for the guys and some of the girls.  They have crab cakes for Mary, and delicious duck pot stickers for me.  They have some pork or fish taco offerings, a chocolate fondue with fruit that Pam loves, and who can resist their chocolate-banana creme brulee!!!  The kids love the Kona Kones, and why wouldn't they??? Ice cream in a huge waffle cone with just a little(?) candy cotton on the side.  So Kona it is!!!

And now that that's done, it's time to get busy.  I have some neck coolers to make (info to follow another day), and some quilt blocks to make, and in my spare time, maybe I'll make new neck wallets. So, now I'm off and running.

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Retired Knitter said...

How fun to plan for a wonderful trip. It has been probably 20 years since we visited Disney. Maybe someday.