Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy Birthday to My "Babies"

Today my "babies" turn 32.  Hard to believe, and today I think back to when they were born.  I was only 29 weeks into my pregnancy, and the doctors had stopped my labor twice before.  But this time, there was no stopping it.  After I had labored for 10 hours, the doctors decided that a C-section was necessary.  Because of my diabetes, the babies were large - 3 lb. 4oz. and 3 lb. 6oz.  But they were given only a 10% chance of survival.  Each time we thought we would get them home, there was another setback.  But after 7 weeks, they were ready to come home.  They had a tough time getting started, but have had few health problems since.  I call them my miracles.

This picture was taken when they were a little over a year old.  Pat is sitting with her Pap, and Pam is sitting with her Dee.

These are Halloween costumes we put together when Rod wasn't working.  I dyed mop heads red, added red tape to their tights, and they went as Raggedy Ann's.  They were not amused, to say the least.

This was the day they made their First Communion.  Again, the dresses were homemade.

This was one of their Senior pictures.  It's one of the few times that they had seriously different haircuts.

These are two of the greatest young women you would ever want to meet.  They love their horses and their dogs.  They own cows, drive the tractor, plow fields, cut hay and clean stalls.  They are completely devoted to their family.  When Bubba is hospitalized, they are there every day to offer support to Mary and Jim.  They take Izzy swim class when Kristin has to work.  They do all they can to make my life easier and are there whenever their dad needs help.  And they are soooo much fun.  We are planning a trip to Disney in September, just the four of us.  I can't wait. They are great friends to each other and to those who are lucky enough to be called their friends.   And so, Happy Birthday to my youngest girls -you are truly my heroes.


Pat said...

Happy Birthday to your two very special "babies"!!!

Nani said...

Happy birthday to your miracles, Linda!!

I think the Raggedy Anns were cute.

Nani said...

You have blog awards at The Chronicles of Nani!