Monday, February 20, 2012

Musings of a La-Z-Boy Potato

You can't really call me a couch potato, the couch is Rod's domain.  But I am a La-Z-Boy potato.  I love my recliner - it's like my throne.  Yes, I do go to bed in the bed at night, but when I awake for a mid-night potty break, I return to my recliner and sleep there the rest of the night.  It all started after my sister passed away, I was beginning menopause, and had insomnia really bad.  Wow, am I glad that part of my life is over. But I spend way too much time with my recliner.  My goal for the next month is to spend less time on my throne and more time moving.

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted here.  Did you miss me?  I'd like to say that I've been really busy, but I'm not sure that's the case.  Daughter Mary introduced me to Pinterest, and now I think I'm addicted.  No matter what I'm looking for, I look on Pinterest.  I love seeing all the pictures, I love all the ideas I find there.  Do you "Pinterest"?  Look for me and click to follow me.

I have been doing some things other than with the laptop, too.  I have hand-pieced 5 blocks for a Saddle Up Quilt, and blocks 6 and 7 are in various stages of completion.  The last of my baskets are here, and hopefully I can finish putting the fabric away this week.

  I had planned on tossing some fabrics that I have been saving for no special reason.  But over the weekend, I bought and downloaded this pattern from Carlene Westberg's Etsy shop.  I love it!! and can't wait to get started on one. I saved scraps of Pitt and Penn State fabrics, and hopefully these will make a great drawstring bag.  Might try to sell them somewhere.  I need to decide what fabrics I will use for mine.  Wouldn't this be a great bag for Mary, who begins her student teaching on March 5?

Since my first cold this fall, I have had congestion and wheezing in my chest and throat, and I have had shortness of breath when I move around.  Don't know why, but it had become really irritating.  Yesterday, we made plans to go out to dinner with the twins.  As I was getting dressed, I got a coughing spell.  It lasted about 20 minutes, it scared me, and when it was finished, I felt exhausted.  On the way home from the restaurant, I got another coughing spell.  When I got home, I was tired and didn't feel too well.  But when I woke up this morning, there was no congestion. . . no shortness of breath.  I don't understand it, but I'm thanking God for whatever it was.  It feels so great to breathe free again.  Hopefully moving more, drinking more water, and sitting less will keep me feeling this great.  Have a great week.

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