Monday, March 19, 2012

Journey to a New Life. . . take 2

On January 3 of this year, I posted about a beginning a journey to a new life.  Things haven't changed much, and this morning, I went back and reread this post.  I had such high hopes.  But the motivation doesn't seem to have followed.  This past week, my life has revolved around food . . . not eating it, just looking at the GI Diet book, looking at recipes, and making shopping list after shopping list of what I needed to buy.  I've had a headache for about a week now, and I truly believe it's from stress.  I'm one of those people who stresses about everything - and if there isn't anything to stress about, I stress about that.  Saturday, I was so down, and cried every time I turned around.  I was feeling like I was giving up so much and Rod (who eats anything and doesn't gain much weight) was giving up nothing.  (Why I felt that he should give up things when I'm the one with the problem, I can't explain). All the diets I've looked at say you should clean all the food you can't eat out of your kitchen.  I don't have it in me to throw out good  food, and just can't toss it.  Before we went to bed Saturday night, Rod asked why I had to give up anything, and commented that there has to be a better solution than a DIET!!  Richard Simmons used to say that you should never use the word DIET because the word DIE is in it.  He suggested that you go on a LIVE-it.  I didn't sleep much Saturday night, couldn't turn off my brain.  Yet Sunday morning, I felt refreshed - like the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders.

Sunday morning was grocery day.  I have decided to make some changes, changes I can live with.  He bought a lite, multi-grain bread with only 35 calories per slice.  And it taste's great.  He bought tiny red potatoes which I will boil.  These little buggers have less starch that big baking potatoes.  But the biggest change that I've decided to make is to move more and to begin to journal.  Daughter Mary suggested the journal - not necessarily a food journal, but a daily life journal.  I can document what I ate and how it made me feel.  I can include my numbers, but I can also make it a gratitude journal and a journal of what makes me happy.

Do you journal?  If so, what types of things do you put into your journal?


Nani said...

My Project 366 this year is journaling. I write a short or long paragraph or two every day about the accomplishments of the day. It's good for giving a sense of small achievements and makes the bigger goals seem more attainable.

I track my food on the WW site, so no need to journal about food, but sometimes I post recipes on my blog.

Remember, the only time you fail is when you stop trying, so you're still progressing to success! :)

Anonymous said...

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