Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Earth Is Not Flat. . .

and therefore, I have not fallen off the face of it!   I have been busy working on blocks for a sampler quilt for the Saddle Up.  I'm on the last of 12, and once the top has been put together, I will post a picture.  I hand piece the blocks, and then put the top together by machine.  Have you seen the pattern for "mug buckets"?  I thought they were the cutest things.  And this morning I finished four of them.  I wanted to make them for my four girls for Easter.  I have a box of mugs that belonged to my sister (who passed away in 1991) and I thought this would make the gift even more special.  If you haven't seen any of her "bucket" patterns, check out her site.  I may need to try a couple more of her patterns.

Rod doesn't work tomorrow - his company feels that Good Friday should be a holiday, God Bless Them.  It has become a family tradition for us to dye Easter eggs on Good Friday.  It started with our kids, and now we carry on with the grand kids.  This will be Jake's first time dying eggs with us.  He dyed eggs with his family over the last weekend, and Kristin said he found it was easier to use his hands.  By the time they finished, Jake was beginning to resemble The Incredible Hulk.  Have a safe and blessed Easter.


JustCindy said...

So glad to know you are still around. No telling where you might end up if you fell of the earth. lol Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter.

Nani said...

I've been thinking about dyeing some eggs Saturday. (Nothing like last minute, huh?) But our Eas6ter dinner is next Sunday at my Dad's. So, the family for Easter Sunday is just Hubby and me and he isn't a hard boiled egg guy.

Enjoy egg-coloring with the grands! Have a wonderful Easter weekend!