Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lost and Found

 Remember the fabric that's been lost for months???  It has been Found!!!  Yesterday while working on some appliques, I needed a piece of pink.  I pulled the pink fabric bin off the shelf and, WAHOO there behind the bin was the mailing bag with the missing fabric still inside.  I jumped up and did the happy dance! I needed the red dot that was in that bag for Bubby's Mario quilt, and didn't really want to order more, so it appeared just in the nick of time.  That's how I was able to finish the "Mushroom Guy" that I showed you yesterday.

This morning, I was up before dawn and got an early start in the sewing room.  I've been avoiding Mario and Luigi since they looked so difficult.  But I was in a good frame of mind, so I decided that today was the day.  I've very pleased, I like how they look.  I have three more to go, and I'm ready to start the finishing stitching.

I may finish in time yet!!

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