Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Wonderful Little Red Machine

Have you ever heard of the Xpress Redi-Set-Go Cooker?? Well, I ordered one in March 2010 from QVC. (Unfortunately, it's no longer available through QVC).  I hate to admit it, but I have a terrible habit of ordering things that I think look really cool and then not really using them.  The Xpress Cooker was no exception.  I used it once or twice and then it was put away in a cupboard.  I had almost forgotten about it. I can't stand on my feet for long periods of time, so cooking breakfast really isn't an option.  I was telling daughter Mary how much I wished I could cook good things for the kids, and she asked me why I couldn't use my little red machine.  And so, I dug it out. I can sit at the table and use it there. It came with all these other pans (which I haven't tried to use yet) but the inside is non-stick.  A few weeks ago, I used it to make scrambled eggs for the kids and I for lunch.  I use egg beaters, which are convenient and more nutritious, and added a slice of fat free cheese when the eggs were nearly cooked.  It was delicious, and the kids were really impressed.  I know to most people cooking eggs isn't a bit deal, but for me it was a small victory. This morning I used it to make french toast, again with egg beaters and I added Splenda, vanilla and cinnamon to the egg mixture.  We all loved it, and the kids ate every bite.  They say that you can make a small cake in the bundt pan, but a small cake in my house would be ridiculous.

I think I may try to make heart shaped pancakes with some Bisquick Shake and Pour.  And who knew that Bisquick now makes Shake and Pour Brownies!!!  And now I'm thinking about little cocktail wieners and corn muffin mix to make mini corn dogs in the pan next to the heart shaped pan. Eureka!! the possibililties are endless.

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Nani said...

0Awesome looking toy! I think I need to find me one of those! In our 1950s house there was never any thought given to space for a microwave (or a dishwasher) and even making a microwave breakfast cake is a huge ordeal, a long stretch. I like the idea of "sit art the table and cook!" Thanks, Linda!!