Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Lesson In Frustration

That's the kind of week I've had - and it's only Wednesday!  I started working on some new plush key chains, using patterns that I designed myself.  I had them on the kitchen table, and Pat accidentally knocked over a cup of coffee.  The patterns were soaked, but with her quick action, Pat was able to save them and they dried overnight.  Memo to self - always make a second copy of new designs.   Over the weekend, I made four of them and put them on some black hooks that I had.  I hated the way they looked.  The hooks were way to big and dark, so I had to order some new ones.  Not expensive, but shipping from China so that project was put on hold.

Then I decided to finish some pot pinchers I had started.  These mixed nuts pinchers turned out great. I started the rest, but soon discovered that I had been sent extra wide bias quilt binding instead of double fold bias binding.  It's been a while and so I doubt that I can return it.  I figured I'd try to use it, but the difference in the width makes the pot pinchers too small for the average hand.  I ordered the correct binding, and now that project is also on hold.

I did manage to get some scarves finished, and still have more to go, so that's the project that I'm working on currently. Krissy wore one of the leopard print scarves to her chorus concert.  She looks more like her mom every day.

And as if I haven't had enough frustration for one day, I decided to start tearing out the stitching on the Belle embroidery design I did two weeks ago.  This was so horrible.  I hated it, and didn't want it on my sweatshirt.  So as badly as I didn't want to rip out another design, I'm doing it.  I'll pick another design and start again.  It's for sure that I'm not redoing this one.

But hey, at least the rest of the week has to be better - right?

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Pat said...

UGH...I hate days when multiple things go wrong. I love that scarf. Your granddaughter is a very pretty young lady, too!