Monday, October 7, 2013

Feels So Good to Finish a Project; But They Don't Always Look Great

It is a great feeling to finish project that I started years ago.  This is the batik quilt that I started as a BOM in the nineties (I can't remember what year).  From the time I started putting the blocks together, Mary insisted she wanted this quilt.  I'm not a big fan of batiks, so I agreed.  Last month I finally finished the top, and started looking for someone to quilt it.  Believe it or not, I found a person on eBay whose prices were really reasonable.  Her eBay seller name is jeano 1961.  Mary chose an all-over daisy design and I left color up to Lori, the quilter.  The quilt arrived here on Saturday, and I can't tell you how beautiful it is.  Her work is top notch, and she will definitely be getting more business from me.  I had the binding ready to go, so I put it on while Mary was at a wedding on Saturday.  Pappy and I were keeping Bubby, and so when Mary got here to pick him up, the quilt was ready for her to take home.  She was so pleased and it went directly onto her bed.

But not all projects turn out great.  I decided to take a hooded sweatshirt and embroider Disney designs onto it for our December trip.  I unstitched the pockets so that they would be easier to embroider.  I unsewed the arm seams to that I could do a better job.  It was a noble undertaking.  It was a great idea.  NOT!!!  Goofy turned out great.  He's on one pocket.

The Genie turned out great - he's on the other pocket. 
I was so pleased, so decided to try putting Mufasa and Simba on one of the sleeves.  It's a very complicated design - takes 60 minutes to stitch.  Didn't understand why orange and tangerine were listed as colors on the chart, but OK,  I'd give it a try.
Now, do I need to take the time and try to rip out all this stitching???  Embroidery threads are a B*&^h to tear out.  I think I'll leave it alone and hope that if I roll up my sleeve it won't show.  I think I just wasted an entire morning, and ruined my sweatshirt.  Hope the afternoon goes better!

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