Monday, November 18, 2013

Counting Down

We are most definitely counting down.  We have less than 25 days until our Disney trip.  Some people say, "You're going AGAIN?"  And we answer, "Oh Yea!"  I am so very excited about this trip.  We have all pitched in to make it the best ever.  We love the fireworks cruises, and since we couldn't decide which to do, we have two.  One is for the Illuminations fireworks at EPCOT, and has a special tag for Christmas which ends with the song, Let There Be Peace on Earth.  And we have also booked a cruise to view the Wishes fireworks from the Magic Kingdom.  And then there's a special surprise for the kids at Animal Kingdom (Which I can't discuss, but will post photos of when we return.)

In the past, we have been given what Disney called the "Key to the World" card.  It was a card similar to a credit card which was not only your room key, but also your admission ticket to the parks and you could use it to charge tips, food, and purchases to your room and pay it all off at one time.
 Disney is in the process of changing over to "Magic Bands".  They will be used for all the things that the Key to the World card was, but also keeps track of your Fast Passes to rides.  The are water proof which is good if you like the water rides, which we don't.  This picture shows the ones that Rod and I personalized.  We were able to choose our colors, and our names are inside the bands.

With the Key to the World being discontinued there was no need for the neck wallets that we normally use.  But you know that we ladies need to have some sort of bag to keep our "stuff" in.  I have made wristlets for all of us for daily use, but decided to make special Disney ones for our trip.  They will be so handy.  The hook is on the wristlet so that the girls can clip it to the belt loops on their pants.  But still for meals, they can hook on the strap and loop it over their wrists for security.  I don't wear pants with belt loops, but the strap is just perfect to hang over the tiller of my scooter.

Since Princess and the Frog is my favorite Disney movie, I chose the Tiana fabric for mine.  Krissy is a Tinkerbell fan, so she gets the Tinkerbell fabric, and the lining of hers is fabric that has a few lines from Peter Pan.  Mary loves the pink Mickey fabric, so it's hers.  Pam chose the blue Mickey fabric, and Pat wanted the red Minnie fabric.  I ordered special key chains to use as zipper pulls on November 6, but they haven't shipped yet.  I will call the company this morning, and tell them to cancel my order if they aren't shipping it by tomorrow.

So the countdown continues, and our excitement continues to build.


Nani said...

The wristlets are adorable! When my nieces were little I did belt pouches for them so they could have their things with them (Lip balm, hand sanitizer and usually "cool" rocks!) but still have their hands free without losing anything. I still like to have a little neck case or side bag on my chair. Doing them Disney themed for the trip is fantastic!

Anyone who'd get on you or just not understand about "another" Disney trip just wishes they had an inner child and the sense to nurture it so they can always enjoy the magic. Enjoy the anticipation and really enjoy the trip!

Pat said...

We have gotten the same comment: "Walt Disney World AGAIN???" I just laugh! Where are you staying this trip? We did several trips in an 18-month period (the last being last spring) and don't currently have one planned, but I hope to plan one soon for next fall as we'd never seen the fall decorations of the Mickey Halloween party yet.