Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Busy Bee

Things are buzzing here in the hive as I continue to work on items for my new Etsy store, The Frozen Mouse.  I've been working on wristlets from some of the new fabrics that I've ordered.  I've finished up Dumbo and Seven Dwarfs wristlets,and also the pink Minnie Mouse that had sold out, and today cut wristlets, lining and interfacings for bags made from Disney villainess,  101 Dalmations, Olaf, and two Star Wars fabrics.  I'm planning on having a special sale soon, but haven't decided on when.  I've had to rework the pattern to fit an iPhone 5 in the inner pocket, and then what does Apple do ??? They release the iPhone 6.  And it's even bigger.  In order to make the wristlet fit the larger iPhone, I not only have to increase the overall size, but also buy longer zippers.  And that means more cost.  Thus far, people want the larger size, but aren't willing to pay the increased cost.   Since I just got an iPhone 6 with an Otterbox  case, I need a new bag before our Disney trip in November.  But which will I choose?  Hmm, so many choices.

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