Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Busy Weekend

It's been a busy, but relaxing weekend. Friday night we had all the family (except DSIL George who was working)and my mom here for dinner. We had a taco night complete with all the trimmings. And Rod got some mini-cream puffs out of the freezer for a sweet dessert afterwards. Saturday, I spent the day cutting, quilting, and cussing at the fabrics for my new laptop purse. Some dummy (wonder who that was) didn't order enough foam, and so I had to piece it. Hope it will be ok. Rod did ribs in the slow cooker for dinner and made pierogis and lima beans to go with them. The twins showed up with a chocolate cake, we made melon wrapped with prosciutto and a hot cheesy bacon dip and then we sat and enjoyed the Steeler game.

Our school district has all day kindergarten, and so the kids have a rest period after lunch. Each child is to bring his own pillow; and as the final official duty of being the grandkids' weekday caregiver, I make their pillow for kindergarten. Today I did Bubby's pillow, so that he can take it with him to orientation tomorrow. I think he will love it. Notice the name on the back!! He wants to be called "James" now and not Bubby. But he will always be my sweet Bubba-looey. Today we have a beef roast in the slow cooker, and plan to make some zucchini pancakes to have with it. Here's a link to the recipe. I plan on adding some garlic salt and some grated onion to the mix.

This week I hope to finish the Disney blocks so that I can take them to camp for the holiday weekend. I'll take my sewing machine and can hide in our trailer and do the buttonhole stitching if I need some quiet time while we're there. Hope you get a lot done this week.

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