Monday, March 1, 2010

Please Hurry Spring

Today is March 1 and I am so glad to see February go. Here in the Pittsburgh area, this was the snowiest February in the record books.  My nephew called on Saturday, and when I told him that I had only been out three or four times since Christmas, he replied, "Geez, Lin, don't go out - the snow will be over your head."  I'm only 4'8" tall (or short) and it's close.  We've had 42 inches of snow.  I was never one to like snow, never was one to play in the snow.  No snowball battles, no snow angels, no sled-riding and very little ice skating.  I'm more of a spring/fall person.  Not too hot, not too cold.  Like Goldilocks of the fairy tales, I like it to be just right!

And that's part of the reason that I'm asking Spring to make her entrance shortly.  When Bubby called yesterday, he told me he wants the snow to go away so that he can play baseball.  Says he can't play now -- the ball falls into the snow and then you can't find it.  And I told him that I just want to see green grass, leaves on trees and happy birds, singing their hearts out. So today I chose a picture of new leaves on a tree.  It made me happy to think that soon my maple trees will look like this.  My daffodils will be popping their little trumpets out of the ground, and the tulips will make their timely appearance.  Oh I do so love spring!  It's Mother Earth's way of cleaning house and making our world bright, clean and hopeful again.  And that's just what I feel when the earth's greenery starts to pop through the snow and brown grass -- hopeful.  Have a day full of hope and anticipation.

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Pat said...

WOW...I thought I was the only one who never liked snow (even as a kid). I was always afraid of getting hurt on a fast sled...and never liked the cold and all the bundling-up it required in order to go outside. I, too, am more than ready for spring!!!