Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hoop Ti Do

If I could jump into the air and click my heels, I would.  I had set a goal for having the Saddle Up quilts finished before we left for the train show on Friday morning.  And, I finished the last one yesterday at about 3 o'clock.  Photos will be coming - daughter Mary will probably take them today.  Now I just have two quilts to do for Project Linus.  It's my commitment to the Give a Day, Get a Disney Day volunteer program.  I have picked out my fabrics and have to begin cutting the 6" strips today.  I have decided to do the  6 hour quilt by Kaye Woods.  I purchased this pattern online for download several years ago, and have used it several times.  If you're looking for a quick and easy (and appealing) project, this is it.    We're coming back from the train show on Friday evening -- just  quick trip to York, PA and back.  So, hopefully I can finish these up over the weekend.  And then, it's time to do something fun for me!

What will I do first?  Hmmm.  I have some sweatshirts and patterns to make some jackets - one with sewing items on it, and the other with my beloved bumblebees.  And a third that I thought I would do some of my Disney applique designs on.  I haven't played with my GO cutter yet, and that may be a fun thing to start with.  And then I have to start on quilts for the grandkids for their birthdays this year.  Sew much to do -- sew little time.

I haven't tried to sew much with Izzy here since she's so curious.  But, with the time demands, I set up my table here in the living room and brought out the Euro-Pro - my workhorse machine.  My free motion quilting went quite fast and Izzy was more fascinated with the wheel on the machine going around than with what was going on with the needle.  I've been such a chicken about the free motion quilting and usually stick to stipple quilting.  But on the last quilt, I decided to experiment and did vines and leaves, flowers, stars, and some swirls that kind of resemble ropes.  And it doesn't look half bad.  So, I'm thinking that when I play with my GO cutter and make some hot pads, I may use those to practice my quilting designs.  Have a good day.

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Pat said...

CAn't wait to see the quilt photos. Have fun at the train show. Folks from our church went up there this week to camp in the area and go to the train show.