Friday, July 30, 2010

Big Weekend Plans

Gibbie and I after receiving our God and Community Awards
This weekend will be a very special one.  I graduated from high school quite a number of years ago, and haven't connected with some of my classmates for just as many years.  Since joining Facebook, I have reconnected with several of my classmates, and play games with some of them there.  Most of us in my graduating class ('68) will be turning the big 6-0 during the year 2010.  Someone in my class came up with the great idea to have a 60th birthday party.  What a fun idea!!  There was a picnic planned for Saturday, complete with a birthday cake large enough to feed all of us.  Everyone is to bring their own food and drink, and according to one of the planners, "Music will be provided by the Panasonics -- that's a boom box with our favorite CD's".  But them some of the class couldn't be there for Saturday, but would be in town on Friday night.  So now we have an informal get together scheduled for a local restaurant/bar that has a nice patio.  So I'm really looking forward to this weekend.  Families were invited, too and Rod, the kids and grandkids will all be there.  One of my good friends is bringing her hubby, her dog, and her mom (her mom was a real hoot and we all loved her).  She will be coming to PA from South Carolina.  Other members are also bringing grandkids, and I think it will be so much fun.  This newspaper photo (torn and yellowed)  is of a friend and myself.  I think it was our junior year.  Guess I have aged a bit!!  Will report back on Monday.

Then, Mary invited us to attend an evening at the Pittsburgh Zoo on Sunday night.  I think it is sponsored by the Make A Wish Foundation.  It's been more years than I want to remember since I was at the zoo, and we're pretty excited about going.  Bubby is eligible for a wish from the Make A Wish Foundation, but every time they ask him where he wants to go he tells them either to Grammy's house, or to eat inside at McDonalds. He just doesn't get it yet, so they will wait a few more years for his decision.

And on a sadder note, my stupid dishwasher has stopped working properly.  Seems the control panel with all it's little plastic touchy thingies has become kaput.  Apparently it's a common problem.   Rod says we can replace it for about $180.  I told him that's just crazy -- I can buy a lot of paper plates and wash a lot of dishes for that!!  Whatever happened to the regular buttons that you pushed and they worked.  I'm just not into all these "touch pad" things.  Ok, now just toss me some cheese to go with my wine.  Anyway, have a great weekend.


Pat said...

Enjoy your fun, action-packed weekend and be sure to take pictures to post for us on your blog!

JustCindy said...

Have a great time!