Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Busy - busy

It hit me yesterday that we have only about 50 days until our trip to Disney.  I had planned to make neck coolers and new neck wallets.  But you know what they say about the best laid plans. . . .  So yesterday, I "put my wiggle on" (as my Granny would have said) and began to sew.  I cut and sewed about a dozen neck coolers, and got them turned right side out.   I still  have to iron them, sew the pocket lines, stuff them with the watersorb pellets, and sew them shut. I'm hoping to be able to finish them today. . .  and then to start on the neck wallets.  I have worked out a pattern based on the ones we got from our travel agent last year.  The neck wallets are very similar to this one pictured.  I'm making ours out of fabric (of course), and have adjusted the pocket sizes to accommodate our guest assistance passes and our cell phones.  When the first one is finished, I'll post a photo.  My plan is to put buttonholes in the wallet, and attach buttons to the end of the neck coolers.  This way, we can hang our wallets from the neck cooler and eliminate one string from around our necks.  These wallets are so convenient.  There is an open pocket under the flap along with a zipper pocket.  The vinyl pocket in the front is great for holding a driver's license or credit cards.  And on the back is a pocket for your cell phone and one for a pen.  I loved mine, but it was made out of nylon, and the weight of my cell phone tore the corners of the pockets out.  So that's why I decided to make one of fabric.  I made a prototype, but it needed some modifications.  I've done that, so will try again.  Wish me luck.


Nancy said...

and when you have finished, maybe you can get someone to publish it for you...that might sell!

Or do it from Moda precuts and get on the Moda bake shop?

Good luck...can't wait to see..

Pat said...

Nancy's idea is a good one. I'd love to be able to make one of those. There is a chance hubby and I might be doing Disney in late January/early February. It's been well over 10 years since I was there (chaperoning the marching band from high school) and more than that since hubby was there, so it's about time we went. That kind of neck wallet would be a huge help to us. We carry a camera so not having to carry much else would be terrific. I'm not good at figuring these things out, I'm hoping I could get your pattern if you make one up.