Monday, October 17, 2011

And the Winner Is. . .

Jake's Shirt
ME! All weekend I worked on Halloween shirts for the grandkids. Jake's was pretty quick, Izzy's was easy. And then I started on Bubba's. My goal was to finish all 4 shirts br Sunday night. But you know what they say about the best laid plans. . . I had only 6 minutes to sew on Bubba's design, and the thread broke. I rethreaded and restarted. 4 stitches and the machine stopped and told me to rethread and restart. I did, sewed 4 more stitches, and it stopped. Rethread and restart. Ugggg I was getting angry. That machine needed a time out! I turned it off and we went to get some dinner. I had taken it apart and cleaned it. I had rethreaded about a dozen times. This morning, I changed the needle and when I rethreaded a piece of frayed thread came out of the take-up arm. And voila, it sewed. I always tell the grandkids they can fight all they want, but Grammy always wins! And now the embroidery machine knows it, too.

This is Izzy's shirt.  She loves cats.  When I did the applique embroidery this time, I used heat n bond light on the back on the pieces.  I used my Clover mini-iron while the shirt was in the hoop and fused it before doing the final zig zag stitching.  Nothing pulled loose and it lays nice and flat.

This is the shirt I did for Bubba.  The design looks crooked in the photo, but I think it's the photographer.  I bought and downloaded these designs from Planet Applique.  They have some really cute designs, and they are very inexpensive.  I buy my tee shirts from Jiffy Shirts.  They have a great selection of shirts in all sizes and colors, and they are very good quality (and inexpensive).  Usually I have my order in 1 or two days.


Retired Knitter said...

Pictures, pictures ???

Retired Knitter said...

Wonderful! They are just beautiful.