Monday, October 10, 2011

Another Monday

How is it that weekends go so fast, and the week doesn't?  We're here at another Monday.  The weekend was sort of constructive.  I finished the little purses I was working on.  And will post a picture sometime this week.  I hunted out patterns for other items I want to make.  And that made me realize how much I need to get the organization of my sewing room finished.  I found patterns that I didn't know I had.  I have 4 patterns for fleece hats - for all ages.  And they're so cute.  I had a great idea for embellishments, and so went to Clotilde's site and ordered a book on making embellishments from zippers. I also ordered the zippers.  And then I went to Joann's site and ordered fleece and elastic -- yea about $100 worth.  So, maybe I didn't accomplish a lot, but boy did I spend money.  Rod's only comment was, "It's OK we'll make more tomorrow."    Don't you just love that attitude!

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Pat said...

Great comment by your hubby!!! LOL