Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Yes, today it's my birthday.  I am officially 61 years old.  Does that make me a "senior citizen"?  Can I get senior discounts now?  Or am I just one year older?  Aren't birthdays supposed to be great?  I thought so, but so far my day as been pretty disappointing.  I woke up with a leg cramp at 12:15 this morning.  I got out of bed and walked the cramp out, but this morning the leg is still sore.  This morning is gloomy, it's raining, The leaf color hasn't reached peak yet, but with all the rain, I'm afraid they will fall before achieving full color.

I've been working on Halloween shirts for the kids.  Jake's is done.  This morning, I went back to the sewing room to work on Izzy's shirt, and discovered that I hadn't transferred her design to my zip drive.  So that went right out the window.  I have now transferred that design, so I'm good to go.  Except that George will be bringing the kids soon.  So the shirts will have to wait til tomorrow.  No cheese, please.  I just prefer my whine alone!  NO MORE WHINE,  promise!

And here comes my happy face!  After all, the day can only get better - right.  Tonight Rod and I are going to dinner with Kris and family, and Pat and Pam.  We're going to Harmony Inn, a restaurant that we've always wanted to try, but never have.  They have quite an extensive menu, so deciding what to have will be a tough decision.  And hopefully, the weekend will be full of sewing!

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Retired Knitter said...

Happy, Happy Birthdays. Birthdays are great even if the day goes badly because if you didin't have another birthday, you would be ... well, you know. So YES, birthdays.