Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Saturday when we had a birthday dinner for Rod and I, the grandkids donned their Halloween shirts and sat for a picture.  They love their shirts, and I love them.

It didn't seem that this week had been to profitable, didn't seem that I had accomplished too much.  And there's so much to do with less than 60 days until  Christmas.  Monday, I worked in the sewing room for only an hour and got the sewing cabinet cleaned off and put my embroidery machine and the embroidery thread boxes on top. I had re-positioned the sewing cabinet and now there's an outlet behind it.  I don't have to move the embroidery machine to use it now.  I think it will be a big plus.  Tuesday, I had a doctor's appointment and didn't accomplish much.  I did get all the remaining fabric pieces folded and sorted.  And I started to clean off the sewing table.  This morning I woke up with some energy for a change (to see why, check the Chubby Bee blog) and after a good breakfast, went to work in the room.  I finished cleaning off the table, picked some scraps up off the floor and deposited them into the trash, and then decided I needed to do something constructive.  I hunted up some leftover fleece from quilt backs and cut out two pullovers and a hat for the baby dolls.  I broke for lunch, and debated what I should do next.  Since the table was still empty, I went back and cut out 4 aprons for Christmas gifts.  I was using the 1 yard apron pattern that I have mentioned in previous posts.  Not bad for one day's work.  I have other things to do yet today, so my time in the sewing room for today has come to an end.  Hope your day was as constructive.

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Pat said... are right...less than 2 months until Christmas!