Monday, December 19, 2011


Have you ever prayed to St. Anthony?  My mother-in-law taught us to pray to St. Anthony whenever we had lost something.  And believe me, I've been praying!  I started to cut out the princess dresses for the girls' dolls yesterday.  While I was flipping the fabric around (because it kept slipping off the table), one little pattern piece blew off the table, and has yet to be found.  And I do mean little.  It's a piece for  the strap for Tinkerbell's little suit.  This stupid cold and cough still have me down, and this missing piece has just sent me into tears.  I think it was a piece that is about 1" by 3", but I'm not sure of the size.  Rod tells me just to fudge it -- but fudge has never been one of my strong points.

This is the photo of the pattern, and the little strap can be seen here.  I'm sure I will eventually figure it out, but right now I just didn't need the frustration.  The pattern said to use crinoline for the stiffener for the wings.  Mary was going to Joann for some craft supplies, so she picked me up crinoline -- that's what it said on the end of the bolt.  Now that I get into the pattern, they keep talking about the "net" which goes inside the wings.  Just more frustration.  Hopefully the fairy police won't sure up to check on this outfit.  

On the good news front, I ordered and downloaded some embroidery patterns over the weekend.  They were from glowproduct, about 200 Sesame Street design.  Each design includes a copyright from Henson.  However, there was no file that showed the color photos or stitch charts for these designs.  The only way I could see the designs was to put them on a memory stick and put them into the sewing machine.  So, Saturday afternoon I emailed them and asked if they had any color charts available.  And in just a matter of hours, I had the color charts in my hand.  Great service, and the designs sew up beautifully.  Makes me want to buy from them again.

We did finally get our tree up, and do some decorating over the weekend.  About time, right?  See you later in the week.


JustCindy said...

Take a deep breathe, dry your tears and blow your nose. lol Linda, you are a great seamstress. You can do this. The pattern piece probably is right there and you are looking too hard. If you don't find the piece, you can fudge this one time and do it well with your head held high. I have faith in you.

Pat said...

Oh, yes...I agree with CAN fudge this one. have come up with some things totally on your own that have impressed me, so I'm sure you can do this! I'm glad you got some of the decorating done now!!!

Nani said...

{{hugs}} I agree with Cindy, take a deep breath. You do so many great sewing projects, it WILL work.

Is there a place you can see the pattern online? It's not the same as finding the piece, but with the pattern piece, or one similar for comparison, it might be kinda like a "recipe for fudge."

You're not so "finally" with the tree. We got the tree up and lights on for our get together Saturday, but the plan is to put the actual ornaments on tomorrow night!

Hope everything works out with the costume (I won't notify the fairy police!), the darned cold goes away and NO STRESS! :)

Lindabee said...

Looking at the guide sheet, I noticed that if I put the straps on the shoulders, they reach almost to the bottom of the bodice. That should help a lot. Will be sewing tomorrow, so will let you know how it goes.

C. Joy said...

Maybe you could just use pretty ribbon for the straps? Then you could 'fudge' beautifully. One of the reasons many of us sew is to put our personal touch on the treasures we create, fear not.

Lindabee said...

C.Joy what a great idea! I bought some great ribbon for the waist and since I always buy extra, I can use that. Thank you.