Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last Minute Gift Idea

This year we decided to buy gift cards for the daughters and sons-in-law.  I made cute little pouches with key holders attached to slip the girls' gift cards into, but hadn't found a way to give the ones for the guys.  In an email from Connecting Threads, they offered a free download of a gift card sleeve that I think will be perfect.  It looks to be simple and I should be able to whip two of them out in no time.  By using carpenter fabric for Jimmy and some John Deere fabric for Georgie, I can really make them personal.  Thanks to Connecting Thread for this little goodie.


Nani said...

Now that is so neat, and somethings I'm filing away for next year! My husband and I do gift cards for our nieces and nephew with a small gift to open. I have long wanted something simple, but personal I could do for the gift cards.

Merry Christmas, Linda!!

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